About Sébastien van Malleghem

Sebastien van Malleghem was born in 1986 ( Belgium) He studied photography in Brussels from 2006 to 2009 and obtained a photographic degree at the superior art school of image in june 2009. His long term projects focus on the idea of justice in contemporary Europe.

The artist first became known for his Police Project. For four years he followed the daily job of police officers and their interaction with the public. 2015 saw the publication of his second book ” PRISONS”, for which he entered Belgian prisons from 2011 untill 2014. For this project he was awarded the Lucas Dolega Award and the Monography Serie Award, followed by a solo exhibition in Bozar, Brussels.


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Career highlights

1987 – Lorem ipsum

1993 – Lorem ipsum, Solor

2011 – Exhibition at Lorem Ipsum, “Solor Di lomet solal”

Sébastien went to Libya in 2012 to work on the ruins of the power after the death of Kadaffi. He covered the daily life of the people living in the streets of Berlin during 5 months in 2013. Van Malleghem is focusing his attention on the third part of his Justice project, by giving a view on the criminal universe.

In 2013 Van Malleghem started another long term project focused on daily life in Scandinavia, he is currently working on it.

His work has been exhibited internationally in musea, institutions and galleries in Greece, Canada, Belgium, France, Holland, Georgia, Norway, Argentina, Germany and Cambodia.

The work of Sébastien is widely appreciated and has been published online in TIME, The New York Time Lens Blog, Le Monde Magazine, Paris Match and in newspapers and magazines such as Le Soir, Le Monde, Le Vif l’express, La croix, De Standaard, Polka Magazine, Photographe, De Morgen etc…

Movie coming out in January ’16

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